Anomaly Warzone Earth HD & Anomaly Korea – $1.99 Till Friday

Anomaly Warzone Earth HD & Anomaly Korea – $1.99 Till Friday

The game developers of the famous Tower Defense titles, 11 bit studios, have slashed the prices of two of their games; Anomaly Warzone Earth HD and Anomaly Korea, by half.

This effectively allows gamers to buy both games for the price of one, a pretty neat offer considering the sale will be on for a whole week!

Smartphone gamers who are looking for some Tower Defense-like action have an opportunity with this set. Both the games offer cutting edge graphics along with slick and fast paced action.

The unique feature about the two titles is how they effectively turn the tables on what is generally accepted to be a Tower Defense game. They may better be termed as Tower Offense titles!

Players get to lead Special Forces to assault enemy positions and sow confusion in their ranks while simultaneously securing their own objectives. Missions can range from escorting a vehicle out of danger to taking out vital hostile units.

The normal price of both titles was $3.99, but they’re now available for $1.99 until Friday. Both of them are available on Google Play and Apple’s App Store.

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Consumer Expert Adeel Qayum

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