The Kansas City Royals aren’t the only ones who honored a serviceman by allowing a special wedding proposal. American Airlines also allowed a serviceman to call on the assistance of his fellow passengers to help him propose to his girlfriend upon landing.

Army Lieutenant George Dalton called on the passengers of his flight to give his girlfriend a single red rose as they entered the baggage claim area where she was waiting for him. The American Airlines flight attendants made the announcement in flight, and his parents provided each passenger with a single red rose at the gate as they exited the plane.

After each passenger gave her a rose, Lieutenant Dalton appeared with another bouquet of roses and a ring. On one knee in front of the entire baggage claim area, he proposed.

Lieutenant Dalton is home for 2 weeks from Iraq. He will be returning to Iraq to finish his tour before returning home to finish the wedding plans. The couple has already begun planning their wedding for January of 2012.

Kudos to American Airlines, who didn’t hesitate to help this serviceman make a wedding proposal that his fiancé said was better than she had ever dreamed or imagined.