For the third time, a package at a United States postal facility has caught fire.  And again, the package was addressed to the U.S. Homeland Security secretary and appeared almost identical to the packages addressed to Maryland officials just yesterday.  The packages appear, on the surface at least, to originate from someone or some group whom have taken issue with the terrorism tip line set up by the state.

The package was found by a facility worker as it was beginning to smoke and then make popping sounds.  It has been reported that a brief fire ensued that was quickly extinguished by personnel at the facility.  Presently, authorities do not know or have not yet released what the cause of the fires have been.  Some have speculated on two different scenarios.  Either the packages have been intended to cause no bodily harm and were designed to smoke and make small fires.  Or these packages have been intended to cause harm and destruction and have simply been “duds.”

Authorities have said that no more similar packages have been found at this point, but postal employees have been shown photos and given guidance to help them recognize similar packages, if such parcels do exist.

The remains of the packages have been shipped to FBI labs for closer scrutiny and analysis.