It’s been nearly 20 years since The Mighty Ducks movie franchise came to its conclusion, but producer Jordan Kerner continues to leave the door open for another movie.

In a recent piece in Time about the history of The Mighty Ducks, Kerner says that he’s had a few meetings with Disney over the years, and while nothing is guaranteed, a new installment of the series being made at some point in time shouldn’t be ruled out.

The story would likely revolve around one of the former Ducks coming back as a coach, with Joshua Jackson being a distinct possibility for that role, as he indicated he would be game for a comeback.

However, Kerner says that he hasn’t found the right story yet, although he claims that the studio has said to him: “We’d be interested if you come to us with the right story.” Of course, if the right story is never found, another Mighty Ducks movie may never happen.

What do you think about the possibility of another Mighty Ducks movie?  Is this a good idea or not?  Any story lines that you’d like to see?  Let us know below.