Top 6 Video Game Deals On Amazon This Week

Top 6 Video Game Deals On Amazon This Week

Each week we bring you our list of the top six best deals in video games offered up by Amazon.

Video game prices on Amazon are in constant flux. Amazon sellers have to compete not only with other major retailers, but also with each other.

This is a simple guide to six deals on video games, consoles and accessories available on Amazon this week that are particularly noteworthy.

The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild ($45)

The most recent entry to Nintendo’s The Legend of Zelda series is 25% of retail right now.

Considering how quickly some games depreciate in value, this may not seem like a tremendous discount.

However, when you think about how slowly and how rarely first-party Nintendo games drop in price, and about the fact that “Zelda: BotW” outsold the Nintendo Switch upon its release, $15 off is actually pretty remarkable.

This discount only applies to the Nintendo Switch version of Breath of the Wild. The game is also available for the last-generation Wii U for about $43.

Super Mario Odyssey ($45)

Another major Nintendo Switch exclusive, Super Mario Odyssey is also available right now for just $45.

Odyssey is the first 3D Mario adventure for the Switch, and is more akin to the much-beloved classic Super Mario 64 than some of the more recent 3D Mario entries.

The game lets players travel to a myriad of diverse, semi-open words, collecting Moons, battling enemies both old and new, and generally saving the Earth from tyranny in true Mario fashion.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance ($35)

Available for both Xbox One and PlayStation 4, Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a medieval-style first-person RPG that prides itself on its realism, its historical accuracy, and its vast open world.

Kingdom Come Deliverance launched in February of this year, but it’s already available at more than 40% off its original price. This is not because the game wasn’t well-received. It currently holds a notable 8.0 user score on

The Xbox One version of the game is currently selling for $34.99 on Amazon, while the PS4 version is selling for closer to $33.

Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom ($30)

For fans of the JRPG genre, or for fans of the Studio Ghibli style of animation, Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom offers players a captivating story-driven adventure with real-time combat.

Even newer than the previous entries on this list, Ni no Kuni II launched in March of this year and is already available right now on Amazon for half off its original price tag.

The PS4 exclusive currently holds an 84% Metacritic score.

Nintendo New 3DS XL SNES Edition ($150)

It’s a bit of a mouthful for a video game console, but the SNES edition of the New 3DS XL is part of Nintendo’s latest line of handhelds and is currently 25% off.

Not only does the 3DS offer 3D gaming without 3D glasses, as well as a huge collection of modern gems and classic ports alike, but the SNES version even comes with a free downloadable copy of Super Mario Kart, originally released for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.

The device is currently on sale for $50 off of its $199.99 MSRP. However, it’s unclear how long this deal will last.

PowerA Switch Joy-Con & Pro Controller Charging Dock ($10)

Own a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller? Want to charge it alongside your Joy-Cons? Well, this PowerA duel charging dock will let users do just that with a single device.

Currently on sale for $9.99, the dock normally sells for $29.99.

As of the day of writing, the PowerA dock is temporarily out of stock. However, Amazon users can still purchase the item for the sale price, and Amazon will ship it out as soon as it becomes available.

The PowerA Charging Dock is officially licensed by Nintendo and is only compatible with Nintendo Switch controllers.

So, are there any other great Amazon video game deals this week we should know about? Share with us in the comments!

And be sure to check back here at Consumer Press next week for more great video game deals from Amazon.

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