Apple App Store had a special promotion that was finalized yesterday. That was when Gail Davis became the person that downloaded the 10 billionth app from the App Store.

The application downloaded was Paper Glider, provided by Neon Play, a small iPhone app developer in UK.

Gail Davis received a special gift card that offered him $10,000 in App Store Credit.

Apple App Store opened in July 2008. It was constantly emulated by rivals including Google, Microsoft, Blackberry and Nokia.

According to Philip Schiller, Apple Worldwide Product Marketing senior vice president, the Apple App store reached higher success than the company ever thought of. This is probably why Mac App Store was recently launched.

At the moment users can find over 350,000 apps in the Apple App Store for iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone. It is also expected to see apps for Apple TV in the near future.