In typical Apple fashion, the launch of the new Apple e-textbook service appears to have been met with resounding success… but Apple is mum on the details.

However, according to Global Equities Research, who researches and analyzes trends that affect the stock market, over 350,000 digital textbooks have been downloaded since Apple launched the service last Thursday.

‘350,000 downloaded’ does not mean 350.000 sold, points out John Paczkowski of All Things D. “A number of these may well have been free copies of E.O. Wilson’s Life on Earth downloaded for free by folks interested in seeing an iPad textbook in action,” Paczkowski writes.

But even if many were free, it still shows a strong interest in the service that Apple is peddling.

Along with the launch of the digital textbooks, Apple also launched a new e-reader app for use with the textbooks, iBooks 2. The new version is rated 4+ by users, with 1,905 customer ratings so far. The rating sounds great, but the written reviews are mixed. While one writer says “I cannot wait for college next year!” and another “I am amazed by how much detail there is in the book.This is NOT a slimed down version of what there is on paper, it’s even more,” other customer reviews and critics have complained of bugs in the app. “App freezes iPad in App Store requiring device reset to clear” one review complains.