Apple Fails To Stop Galaxy S3 Launch, Smartphone Due Out 6/21

Apple Fails To Stop Galaxy S3 Launch, Smartphone Due Out 6/21

Samsung-Galaxy-S3The Samsung Galaxy S3 will launch on major carriers on June 21 as planned, after Apple failed to stop the US launch of the smartphone.

On June 5. Samsung announced the highly anticipated Galaxy S3 would be coming to the US. Rather than any one carrier having an exclusive on the smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S3 is being launched on five major US carriers.

AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint moved quickly to announce they would launch the phone on June 21. US Cellular said they will launch the galaxy S3 on their network in July.

But Apple rushed in to try to prevent the launch. On June 7, Apple asked the US District Court to put a freeze on sales of the Galaxy S3 in the US. Apple contended that the phone infringed upon to Apple owned patents.

The judge in the case said that Apple could file for a restraining order on the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S3, but that doing so would delay the trial of another Apple versus Samsung patent case that is expected to start within weeks. Apple decided not to proceed with a restraining order, in order to keep the pending trial on schedule.

If Apple had managed to stop the launch of the Galaxy S3 it would have been a ground shaking event. The number of Samsung Galaxy S3 pre-orders in Europe broke sales records. We don’t have US pre-order sales numbers yet, but we expect the same thing is happening here.

We’ll have more on the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S3 here at CP as developments happen. Stay tuned.


Yes, we have heard the rumors that AT&T may ship the S3 as early has June 18. As of the time this story is being written though, their website says the phone will be shipped around June 21, so we are going with that date. But hey, we are all in favor of the race to see which carrier can get it out ahead of the others.

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