Apple & IBM Team Up

Apple and IBM have agreed to an enterprise push deal. This deal will involve a huge transfer of specifics and assets from one side to the other and vice versa.

This partnership marks two major corporations pushing their respective products to customers via each other. Apple and IBM are the leading forces in their own respective markets and consumer demographic with some overlaps. Expect both of these companies to profit enormously from the agreement going forward.

IBM has agreed to exchange over one hundred of their applications and information technology software to Apple products. In addition, IBM will be selling Apple products such as iPads and iPhones to their clients in both residential and business environments.

Apple will be gaining from the deal in the fact that IBM is the largest player in big data and business analytics. IBM has continued to outclass the competitors in business technology and software innovation.

Rollouts are expected to start early in 2015 with expected target markets in, but not limited to: retail, telecommunications, healthcare and many others. The companies are definitely looking to dip their fingers into a pie of every kind.

These two companies are leading the world in a lot of markets, including regular consumers and enterprise customers. We could see a major shift in the way that corporations approach their technology partners, since it seems this is a two for one deal.

There’s a lot of room for growth left in both corporations and by making this deal it only add to the potential they have together.