Apple made no secret of its invitation to the press with a Calendar app icon on Wednesday’s date (the 2nd) that covered a half hidden iPad. The invitation exclaimed “Come see what 2011 will be the year of..”

The event is scheduled for Wednesday March 2nd in San Francisco and is speculated to be the time when Apple officially announces the iPad 2 that has been rumored to be in production.

Industry speculation is that the announcement will showcase the new features that customers can expect from the new generation of iPad. Some experts are even saying it could be the official launch of the tablet.

The new features that have been all but confirmed by Apple include:

  • A faster, dual-core processor that will match up against rivals like the Motorola Xoom
  • At least one front-facing camera, although some believe there will also be a rear facing camera
  • A thinner design that was not necessary but is still expected on the new version