The new Apple iPhone 4 for Verizon has the same antenna issue as the AT&T version, according to Consumer Reports.

Consumer Report’s test found that, just like the AT&T version, signal strength decreased when the phone was held in a certain manner, and that calls could be dropped. They noted in their report that there was a rush of complaints about this problem when the AT&T version was released, but there has not been a similar outpouring of complaints about the Verizon version.

When the AT&T iPhone 4 was released, Apple was slow to acknowledge the antenna problem with their phone. Eventually, they gave away “rubber bumpers” to fit around their phones in order to prevent customers from holding sensitive metallic areas that may affect the antenna.

The report also stated that when tested with the $29 Apple iPhone 4 Bumper on the phone, the problem was virtually eliminated.

Consumer Reports does not include the Verizon version of the iPhone 4 on their list of recommended smartphones, due to the antenna issue.

Apple has responded to the continuing problems with a special web page called “Apple’s antenna design and test labs,” however they have not offered customers the choice of a new phone or free repair.