Apple may offer refunds to iPad buyers in Australia after the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) said that Apple misled shoppers into thinking the iPad was compatible with a 4G network in Australia when it’s not.

According to the Washington Post, Apple also plans to issue a statement to let shoppers know that the new iPad is not compatible with Telstra Corp.’s 4G network, which is the only 4G network available in Australia.

new-iPadAccording to Reuters, advertisements for the iPad in Australia indicate that shoppers can connect to a 4G network in Australia with a SIM card. Early last week the ACCC asked the court to require that Apple make shoppers aware of the real capabilities of the device, issue refunds to buyers affected, and correct their advertising.

As of Sunday evening, no statement from Apple concerning the 4G issue has been released.

The third generation iPad, referred to simply as the “new” iPad, was launched in Australia at the same time as its US launch, March 7.