In October, during the launch of the new iPhone 4S, Apple stated they would launch their new iTunes Match service “later this month.”  But the end of October has come and gone with no news on an iTunes Match launch..

Apple has not made a statement regarding the delay. However, as expected with anything, Apple, rumors are swirling. Some who have had access to the beta version of iTunes Match have said the program was very buggy as late as last week. Another rumor suggests that Apple is still working on acquiring the rights from all the label companies with music in the iTunes Store. That’s approximately 20 million songs, according to Apple.

iTunes Match, once it’s launched, will cost $24.99 per year. It will be able to scan a users’ personal music libraries and match them up with tracks sold on Apple’s iTunes Store. This will allow users to stream music to their Apple devices even if they have acquired the music from another source. The annual fee will cover as many as 25,000 songs in a users music library.

Apple lists the service as “coming soon” on their website.