Apple Runs Most Profitable Chain Stores In US (By Size)

Luxury jewelry company Tiffany and Co made the list. So did handbag designer Coach. But at the very top of the list, by a wide margin, is Apple.

Research company RetailSails did a study on chain store sales, comparing data from over 200,000 different stores from 178 different companies, in 16 different market sectors, over the last year.

Then they ranked stores by the amount of sales each store has per square foot of floor space.

That Apple came in first place for the amount of sales per square foot was not a complete surprise. They are currently the world’s richest company. But just how far ahead of other stores they are is impressive.

The RetailSails study found that Apple makes $5,647 of sales per square foot of floor space. That’s almost twice has much as its nearest competitor, Tiffany & Co, which has $3,085 in sales per square foot. Apple and Tiffany’s were the only two on the list who average more than $2000 in sales per square foot.

Coach came in at number three on the list, with sales of $1,824 per square foot. Next was Lululemon Athletic, with sales of $1,800.

Sales drop off pretty quick after the top four. Rounding out the top 10 are: True Religion with $1,096, GameStop with  $1,022, Vera Bradley with $1,016, Signet Jewelers with $1,001, Select Comfort with $998, and Birks & Mayors with $981.

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