Another contender may be jumping into the race to offer a new streaming service. A service to go up against Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime, and several other new startups.

The New York Post says that Apple is attempting to put a new streaming service together for launch by Christmas of this year. According to their story, Apple is being pushy with the studios, trying to dictate both the pricing and content. The Post quotes one media executive as saying that “They want everything for nothing.”

Apple has a lot of weight around. They are now the richest company in the world, and run the most profitable stores on a square foot basis. The huge popularity of their iPhones and iPads gives them lots of eyeballs looking at screens. Not to mention that there are strong rumors that an Apple TV is in the works and maybe launched sometime this year. An Apple streaming service to go with the Apple TV would seem perfect for a company which has already demonstrated its ability to build layers of profitability into their devices.

Will Apple be able to bully their way into the streaming market? It would simply take getting a foot in the door, then other studios and providers would have to work out deals with Apple to compete. The streaming market is certainly primed for an upset, new players include Redbox/Verizon and Comcast.