Apple Watch Preorders With 4/24 Ship Date Available From Private Sellers

Apple Watch preorders with an April 24 shipping date are still available from private sellers.

Apple opened preorders for the Apple Watch (yep, not ‘iWatch’) on April 10 and quickly sold out of watches for shipping on the April 24 launch date.

According to CNET, Cowen and Co. is estimating that more than a million Apple Watches have been preordered to date. Preorder shipping dates have been pushed back to June to July on many models, while others remain in the “4 to 6 weeks” range.

But determined shoppers are still finding ways to get their hands on preorders with an April 24 ship date – and eBay appears to be the go-to-spot for doing that.

As of publication time, there are more than 500 Apple Watch preorders up for sale on eBay, most (but not all) with an April 24 to May 8 shipping range, the first ‘batch’ of Apple Watches scheduled to go out.

Taking the last 10 Apple Watch preorders that were sold on eBay, we found the premium over the actual original cost of the Apple Watch preorder averaged $240.

We searched a number of other online marketplaces, including Amazon Marketplace, Bonanza, Newegg Marketplace and others and did not find any listings for Apple Watch preorders.

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