Apple Will Offer More In-Store Repairing Services Starting Next Month

Apple Will Offer More In-Store Repairing Services Starting Next Month

Apple is going to update its AppleCare service next month.

The company is looking to make several changes, one of which is going to be related to iPhone repairs.

Customers bringing in faulty units will no longer given a replacement phone on the spot. Apple will instead fix and return the same phone.

A person that AppleInsider identified as being knowledgeable about the matter told the site:

“The way it is now, if almost anything is wrong with an iPhone, iPod or iPad, the entire device is exchanged for a like-new re manufactured (sic) device, whether brought into an Apple Store or sent in for mail in repair.”

“Now we are starting to actually repair the products and return the same device to the customer.”

The report from AppleInsider also states Apple currently has tools for small fixes available in retail stores, such as for repairing the home button or replacing the speaker, but starting next month, they’ll be adding more repair services.

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