Today is “Taste The Change Day” at Applebee’s and to let customers taste some of the new changes to their menu they are giving away samples of 2 of their appetizers for free.

All day today (Tuesday, July 21),  dine-in customers will get free plates of Sriracha Shrimp and Churro S’Mores appetizers, which are 2 of their newest offerings.

Other new items (which are not part of the free giveaway) include: pot stickers and sweet potato fries, “Pub Plates” of Kobe-style meatballs and sweet chile brisket sliders.

Applebee’s has been re-working their menu over the past year and the restaurant chain is hoping today’s freebies will encourage customers new and old to come in and see what they’ve done.

All 2,000 Applebee’s in the U.S. are expected to participate and over 2 million plates are expected to be given away today.

Do you eat at Applebee’s?  Will this deal entice you to go eat their today?

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