Apple’s Bendgate Might Not Be As Bad As We Thought

Last week a video and picture went viral of a man able to bend Apple’s new iPhone 6 with his hands.

After that reports started to come in about the phones bending due to being in the pockets of some of the users.

This is a concern, but is it as big a concern as people think?

Consumer Reports has done it’s own testing on several of the new phones. This includes the iPhone 6, 6 plus and 5, the LG G3, and the Samsung Note 3.

Through the rigorous testing it showed that while the iPhone does crack and brake under a certain amount of pressure, the amount of pressure needed to actually crack the case doesn’t differ that much from the others in the list. It is however, on the lower end of the scale for pressure needed to deform the phone.

The phone that came out on top was the Samsung Note 3, which was shocking considering the LG G3 was actually built to be flexible to help ease the minds of those that put their phones in their pockets.

What do you think? Has BendGate turned you off the new iPhone 6?

Will you stay loyal to the company? Or will you wait till later when they have sorted some things out?

Consumer Expert Mel Bodley

Mel is a RN, a writer, and a mom. She's looking to branch out to different areas, and has loved writing as long as she can remember. Mel has plans to return to school next year to further her education, either in journalism or freelance writing.
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