Apples In Happy Meals – We’re Lovin’ It!

McDonald’s has responded to customer requests and will be making their kiddies Happy Meals healthier.

The fast food giants will be including slices of apples as part of every Happy Meal, as they try to promote themselves as a healthier place to eat. McDonald’s would like to position themselves away from being known just for fast food like burgers and chips.

Their decision to offer healthier alternatives comes after a recent survey carried out by the Ruud Center for Food Policy and Obesity at Yale University slammed McDonald’s and other fast food chains for the menus they offer children. That study listed the most nutritious Happy Meal at 30th on a list of healthy meal combinations.

So McDonald’s hopes the inclusion of apple slices will see them take a step towards a healthier regime, as the company show they are willing to listen to their customers.

Peter Saleh, a restaurant analyst with Telsey Advisory Group in New York, believes the surprising move will boost McDonald’s image as well as profits. He said: ” This is good publicity and if you sell more Happy Meals, you’re likely selling more Big Macs to the parents.”

Sam Oches, an associate editor with QSR Magazine, a fast-food industry trade journal, says McDonald’s won’t say how many Happy Meals they sell, but they’re rumored to account for about 10% of sales. He said: “”They do more than $32 billion in sales every year, so Happy Meals are potentially a $3 billion chunk of that. That alone is more revenue than a lot of big restaurant chains.”

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