Apple’s New Ads Highlight The Number Of Apps For iPad & iPad Mini

Apple’s New Ads Highlight The Number Of Apps For iPad & iPad Mini

Recent ad campaigns from tech giants have been interesting to watch, with companies taking hits at each other.

How can we forget the ads Samsung made, taking direct hits at Apple while promoting their own products in the process.

Well, looks like Cupertino has learned a thing or two from their arch rivals and their latest ad campaign for the iPads does suggest something similar.

Reported by AppleInsider, Apple’s new ad campaign includes billboards highlighting the iPad and iPad Mini, but the tablets aren’t the main focus of the ad. The main oomph comes from the ‘300,000 apps’ that are available for the fruit company’s tablets, and there’s an app for every type of consumer.

Apple is highlighting that iPads have so many apps available, compared to the number of android apps that have been optimized for android-powered tablets.

The headlines on every billboard is different. There’s an ‘Ear Opening’ title which is meant for apps adored by music enthusiasts. The ‘Elementary’ title describes apps that are used for educational purposes such as in schools. The ‘Well Versed’ title is for literature apps and the last title, ‘Mind Watering’, highlights apps for people who are into art.

Steve Jobs clearly stated how well apps have been optimized for the iPads compared to the android tablets. At that time, iPad was way ahead in terms of apps, and it’s still the same story today.

Apps for android tablets are only stretched to fit the screen, whereas the iPad displays the apps beautifully.

What do you think of the new ads? Share your views below!

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