Are Prime Day 2016 Deals Really That Good? Here’s How To Find Out

Amazon Prime Day 2016 has already begun today, but how can you tell if you’re getting the very best deals?

Last year’s Prime Day was plagued with complaints about deals on things that “nobody really wanted” or deals that sold out too quickly.

And how do Prime Day deals compare to Black Friday or other holiday season deals like Cyber Monday?

Thanks to the team at, this year you can determine what truly are good deals for Amazon Prime Day 2016. They’ll be running a live blog at where they’ll compare today’s sale prices to those of Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Prime Day last year.

According to Phillip Dengler of, “Since Amazon claimed last year that Prime Day is “going to destroy Black Friday,” we decided to issue them a challenge. In a live blog post last year, we compared the top Prime Day electronic prices to those that were available during Black Friday in 2014. While many of the items in last year’s Prime Day sale were disappointing, the top electronic items — televisions, laptops, and cameras — offered better, or at the very least, equal savings compared to what was available on Black Friday.”

Dengler also says that, “While it is still early, many Prime Day 2016 prices are better than what was offered last year on BlackFriday and Prime Day, most notably Amazon’s own line of electronics.”

“Since Amazon uses the lightning deal format, items tend to go out of stock very quickly. This makes it extremely difficult for shoppers to compare prices and decide if they are getting a great deal. We believe that our live blog post helps to solve this problem.”

As of press time, the blog shows that Prime Day 2016 is offering some better deals on electronics with savings today that beat last year’s deals and other deals that are equal to Amazon’s own deals on Black Friday and Prime Day last year in categories such as clothing and jewelry.

Find’s latest live blog deal coverage of Amazon’s Prime Day at

Consumer Expert Sierra Tajen

Sierra Tajen is a freelance writer. Always on the hunt for a good bargain, she loves sharing the latest deals and steals with her readers.