‘Arrow’ Gets ‘Burned’ In New Preview Clip [Video]

‘Arrow’ Gets ‘Burned’ In New Preview Clip [Video]

After more than a month on hiatus, Arrow returns to the CW next Wednesday, January 16, with new episode “Burned.” To herald in the latest adventure of the Emerald Archer on the small screen, CW has released a short sneak peek of the episode.

The preview clip shows Queen and Digg having a war of words (and sometimes fists) after Oliver loses enough confidence after his almost-defeat at the hands of the Dark Archer in the mid-season finale that he decides to take a break from the vigilante business.

As usual, Digg isn’t able to beat Queen on a physical level, but he does leave Oliver with some words to think about. As Digg put it, the Dark Archer got into Ollie’s head and took away whatever was in there that allowed him to feel okay with bringing a bow to a gun fight.

Besides showing some angsty conflicted hero talk, the clip sets up the villain of the week – someone that “burns people alive.” This pyro that Digg refers to is none other than the Arrow-verses version of Batman villain Garfield Lynns, aka Firefly.

In the comics, Garfield Lynns is a film pyrotechnic that lets his love of flames get the best of him. Low on cash, he uses his knowledge and love of fire to commit crimes and thus, Firefly is born. He generally wears fireproof wear with small wings and a jetpack to make his name make more sense.

It’s doubtful this Firefly will be seen soaring through the skies over Starling City, however, as Arrow tends to take a more “realistic” and “gritty” approach.

Andrew Dunbar will be playing Garfield Lynns in “Burned,” and Arrow will be giving him an all new backstory more fitting to the show. Garfield Lynns in Arrow won’t have anything to do with film or pyrotechnics. Instead, he’s an ex-firefighter that was badly burned on the job and now as an axe to grind.

The aforementioned clip can be viewed below. Will you be tuning in next week for the return of Arrow?


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