Diggle’s wedding with Lyla is interrupted when he is recruited into the current Suicide Squad, currently compromised of Deadshot and Cupid, in order to save a senator.

Meanwhile, Oliver investigates when someone is framing him for the recent murders of criminals, all while dodging Ray Palmer. Spoilers ahead.

Diggle is in to a rude awakening when he joins the Squad in a mission to keep Senator Cray safe. During this honeymoon adventure, Diggle begins to reconsider continuing his adventures in crime fighting, as getting married only means he will have more to lose if a mission goes horribly wrong.

This was an interesting topic to visit, and after having lost so much focus on the character, it is refreshing to see him in the spotlight amidst the League of Assassins and Oliver/Felicity drama.

Speaking of the latter, their relationship continues to drown the show in melodrama. The actual confrontation with Ray, who is wearing the ATOM suit, is neat and makes sense considering Oliver’s troubles, but the romantic subplot just continues to be uninteresting.

Roy’s fate after the battle is a bit troubling, and the cliffhanger at the end of episode will only bring more trouble, and excitement for the viewers, between the Arrow and Quentin.

Cupid made for an interesting addition to the Squad. However, her new chemistry is wasted with a reduced number of members. Where’s Bronze Tiger? Why not add Captain Boomerang, Clock King, or even Deathstroke?

This week’s look in the past spotlights Deadshot. His backstory is tragic and explains his constant death wish, but unfortunately, it also telegraphs his death in a far too obvious manner. In terms of showing the ruthlessness of ARGUS and Waller, it is effective. But as a fan, it is disappointing to see the Suicide Squad roster lose one of its key members.

“Suicidal Tendencies” creates a new, compelling backstory for Deadshot, only for the character to be killed before much is done with it. The Suicide Squad  and the focus on Diggle and Lyla bring some levity to the current story with the League of Assassins. But the reduced roster and pointless relationship spectacle  put a damper on what could have been a very strong episode.

What are your thoughts on this episode? Do you believe that Diggle made the correct decision in staying with Team Arrow?

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