Arrow: “The Brave and the Bold” Review

In Arrow’s “The Brave and the Bold”, Barry re-visits Starling City to help Oliver catch murderer Digger Harkness AKA Captain Boomerang. However, their crime-fighting methods begin to clash and threaten to wear out their partnership.

After the lighthearted adventures of “Arrow vs. Flash”, the tone darkens as Barry and his friends become involved in Oliver’s investigation. Barry’s moral disgust at Oliver’s extreme methods makes for an interesting contrast and a good expansion to Joe West’s concerns in yesterday’s episode.

Another refreshing foil is shown when Lyla is injured and Cisco and Caitlin are shocked by the situation. This moment makes for some great character analysis for them and why they can be so cavalier when dealing with their enemies in Central City in comparison to Starling.

Nick Tarabay does a great job as Captain Boomerang. He manages to be an effective threat and his defeat is more satisfying than Prism’s was in the last cross-over.

The flashbacks in Hong Kong also become more relevant, as Oliver is trained to torture by Amanda Waller. These flashbacks and the consequences of his actions keep Oliver’s use of torture ambiguous and interesting.

Overall, this episode proves to be a fitting counterpart to the Flash episode. While not much occurs within the universe beyond Diggle’s proposal to Lyla, it does a better job highlighting the “cross-over” aspect of the event.

Did you enjoy this cross-over? Which of these team-up episodes did you enjoy more? Let us know by commenting below!

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