As Week 2, Day 2 of auditions continue on Fox’s The X Factor, it was contestant Ashly Williams who got a standing ovation by all the X Factor judges.

Before, we gush about her jaw dropping performance, let’s recap our favorite performances of the night.

Ellona Santiago sings Little Mix’s “Wings”‘
Santiago proved to be an all around great entertainer with her big voice and incredible stage presence. She sang the song with such power all the while maintaining the perfect attitude and spunk needed for Little Mix’s “Wings.”

Kelly Rowland explained how shy Santiago appeared while they interviewed her, but once Santiago performed she stated:”Whoever that girl was, she meant busy.”

Simon Cowell said, “You are the girl I think I want to work most with in this competition. You are seriously good.”

Demi Lovato emphasized, “You are exactly what this competition is looking for.”

Stone Martin sings One Direction’s “Little Things”

First off, what an adorable 14-year old kid! Martin had such pureness to his tenderly sweet voice.

Kelly stated: “I love you. Since you are only fourteen, I think you are still learning about your voice. We have only scratched the surface with you.”

Demi said, “You are so cute and so charming. These little girls in the audience are dying for you. There’s something very special about you.”

Paulina professed, “I think your life is about to change forever.”

Simon remarked, “I think you have an incredible likeability about you. You have a star glow about you. I really really like you.”

Ashly Williams performs Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You”

It’s always a risk to perform a Whitney song, but Williams rose to the occasion and offered a masterful rendition of the song. She hit all the high notes with such strength and control. It blew our mind!

From the moment she opened her mouth, we got chills! Williams received a standing ovation from all the judges

Kelly said, “Thank you for spilling your heart out in that vocal.”

Paulina professed, “OMG I was just captivated by your talent. That was an amazing performance.”

Demi noted, “I’m speechless! I had chills all over. I can feel that heart of yours. There is a place for you in the market.”

Simon gave the best compliment of the night stating: “This is why we brought the show to America, to find someone like you, I think you are seriously good.”

Who was your favorite performance of the night?! Leave your thoughts below!

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Photo Credit: Richard Ellis