AT&T Buys Qualcomm’s Wireless Spectrum

 AT&T is answering criticism over iPhone services by boosting its 4G network. This aims to be achieved in a $1.93 billion deal between the company and Qualcomm Inc.

At the moment it is only AT&T that offers the iPhone but other carriers have already moved to 4G. The company realized that they had to do the same in order to survive and this is exactly what they are attempting now.

There have been many customers that claimed they are faced with slow Internet connections and many dropped calls. Also, Verizon and Vodafone are expected to soon gain iPhone selling rights next year. It is expected that this sale will finalize in 2011, during the second half of the year. The move came at a very bad time for AT&T as their shares are dropping. On the other hand, Qualcomm shares have risen.

AT&T is fighting competition as they are soon going to lose the monopoly over the Apple iPhone. Switching to 4G might be the best solution for the company, but experts believe that their impact in the US mobile industry will diminish once other companies will also be able to sell iPhones.

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