AT&T Cell Phone Calls May Be Clearer & Stronger, Soon

AT&T Cell Phone Calls May Be Clearer & Stronger, Soon

AT&T’s president Kris Rinne has announced HD Voice will be hitting the carrier this year.

The announcement was made at the VentureBeat’s Mobile Summit, which is being held in Sausalito, California, this year.

The technology is already present in Europe.

HD Voice means AT&T customers will receive high-quality audio for calls. The audio quality will range from 50Hz – 7kHz frequency, which is an improvement over the current standard that has a range of 300Hz – 3.4kHz.

However, to take advantage of the HD Voice, an LTE contract needs to be signed with AT&T. A compatible handset that includes audio converters that are codec compatible will also be required.

Most new handsets will be compatible, but customers also have the option to check for compatibility with carrier.

T-Mobile has already announced that HD Voice will be available to their customers on the upcoming T-Mobile iPhone 5.

AT&T hasn’t announced a start date for this service, but it’s possible that it will coincide with the launch of it’s LTE network.

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