Complaints against AT&T have been mounting recently, as users of AT&T’s “unlimited data plan” reported their usage was being throttled back much sooner than it should’ve been. See our report on the complaints here. At the time that story, most unlimited plan users reported their throttling would begin at approximately 2 GB.

AT&T no longer sells an unlimited data plan. However they did allow users who had purchased the plan when they used to sell it to keep it. Last year AT&T announced that while the grandfathered in unlimited plan users could continue using the unlimited plan, they would begin slowing the amount of data (throttling) the top 5% of users after they reached a certain amount. But AT&T refused to make the amount they would allow before throttling public.

After the torrent of complaints, AT&T has finally relented and provided a number. 3 GB. After an unlimited plan user reaches the 3 GB threshold during their monthly billing cycle, the stream of data will be slowed. It will only apply while users are connected to the AT&T network. Users who have reached the throttling point will be able to use Wi-Fi at a normal speed. AT&T did say that users on the LTE network will be allowed 5 GB a month before being throttled.

The announcement puts users on AT&T’s unlimited plan about par with users who are currently on the 3 GB max plan. Both are paying about $30 month. AT&T also offers a 5 GB plan for $50 month.