AT&T has announced it is bringing back its rollover data plan for it’s Mobile Share Value Plan customers starting next month.

This deal will be available for new and existing customers on the Mobile Share Plan and officially goes into effect on January 25, allowing you to take unused data and carry it over into the next month.

Those who use the Mobile Share Value Plan get to share data bundles between multiple users, so it is possible to rack up a large amount of rollover data, benefiting everyone.

The only catch is that you can not roll over  data for 2 consecutive months, so if you roll over data in one month and fail to use them the next month you lose them.

However, thanks to social media, email, games and other online activities most smartphone users complain that they do not have enough data, so the odds of data going unused is quite slim.

T-mobile recently launched a similar plan, called Data Stash, but unlike AT&T they allow their customers to rollover data for a whole year.

An AT&T spokesman told Consumer Press that: “they are excited to be offering this deal and feel it is a great way to reward their customers for their loyalty and help them get the most for their money.”

When asked why they limited the time to use the unused data the spokesman we spoke with could not give a definitive answer.

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