Avengers-vs-BattleshipA box office matchup over the weekend starred two heavyweights – “Marvel’s The Avengers” vs “Battleship.”

“The Avengers” won hands down. The film, which broke through the $1 billion mark in its first 19 days, continues going strong. It’s now the highest grossing film ever for Disney (“Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Man’s Chest” was bumped to number 2). “The Avengers” was the top earning film in the US and Canada over the weekend, raking in $55.1 million, according to industry analysts.

“Battleship,” by comparison, did rather poorly. North American box office receipts came in at $25.4 million. Less than half of what “The Avengers” grossed on its 3rd weekend at the theaters. “Battleship” opened overseas before hitting the US market and made about $215.3 million before it debuted here. Analysts are saying that the film’s producer, Universal, may lose about $150 million on this one.

“The Dictator” followed up in third place for the weekend, grossing $17.4 million in the US and Canada.

“Dark Shadows,” which got off to a rough start during its debut a week and a half ago, was fourth, with sales of $12.8 million.

“What To Expect When You’re Expecting” came in fifth with a North American box office take of $10.5 million.