The Bachelorette is back!

Here’s a recap of tonight’s episode.

It started out with a heartfelt clip to honor Eric Hill, the contestant that tragically died in an accident a few weeks ago. They dedicated the season to his memory, and it truly was a sobering moment on the show.

After that moment of depth and sincerity, it wouldn’t be The Bachelorette without some drama! A former contestant comes back to try and woo Andi, and he is, unfortunately, rejected. Chris Harrison told him to leave, and if not, “from here, it can only get ugly.” Yikes!

As for the men trying to make a solid impression there were a few winners and a few losers: here is a quick roundup.

There was a hairstylist who stole a lamp from the hotel and brought it to “give” to Andi, who seemed underwhelmed by the gesture. Tasos brought a lock and key, and he and Andi put the lock on a bench outside the mansion (reminiscent of the lovers bridge in France) then threw the key into a fountain after making a wish. Cute!

A pro-golfer rode up on a golf cart, then proceeded to give Andi putting lessons out front. They definitely seemed to hit it off. A doctor with a long (awkward) haircut said he could diagnose people just by looking at them. From Andi? He gathered that she had a fever because…she was hot. Unfortunately, his quick wit didn’t get him a rose tonight and he got sent packing.

Nick V. got the first impression rose, and it seems like he may be a major front runner in the competition. A surprise rose recipient was Cody, a personal trainer, who couldn’t even be bothered to wear a suit and tie for the occasion.  The editing has clearly started to pit Andrew and Patrick as “villains” (so far, of course, it’s only been 1 episode) but also teases drama down the road.

It seems as is Nick V. and Cody have a bit of a feud going on farther into the season. Who are your favorites and who do you think will be the bad boys of this season?