The secret to getting the best deal on back-to-school supplies may be to wait until the last minute, according to Robert Passikoff, the Founder and President of Brand Keys.

In comments added to the results of this year’s just released Brand Keys 2015 Back-to-School spending survey, Passikoff said “Retailers have spent more than a decade teaching consumers they can get things cheaper or for better value if they wait a little longer or look a little harder, and consumers have been fast learners.”

According to the survey, which included 8,500 households, 99% of surveyed shoppers preferred to shop at discount stores for their back-to-school supplies.

But discount stores weren’t the only places that made the top ten list when shoppers were asked what individual stores they intended to shop at.

Target topped the list of brick and mortar stores, with Walmart coming in second place. Then came Macy’s, CVS/Walgreens, Best Buy, TJ Maxx, Staples, Footlocker, Sears and Apple stores., not surprisingly, led the list of online stores shoppers intend to buy back-to-school supplies from. They were followed by,,,,,,,, and

The survey also found that almost 50% of shoppers said they had already bought and stockpiled back-to-school supplies for the first day of school before August.  Another 30% indicated they would wait for the ‘Summer Sales.’ The remaining 20% are waiting until the last minute.

Are you waiting, or have you already jumped on this year’s back-to-school sales? What’s the best deal you’ve found?

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