Back To School Tax Free Weekends, 2013: Dates & Details By State

Back To School Tax Free Weekends, 2013: Dates & Details By State

Back to school tax free weekends start next week!Twenty-one states that normally charge sales tax will be holding back to school tax-free weekends or holidays, some as early as next weekend.

Shoppers will be able to obtain back-to-school clothing and supplies without having to pay sales tax on eligible purchases.

Many of the participating states began instituting sales tax-free holidays or weekends within the past decade. The tax-free holiday allows shoppers to buy back-to-school related items such as clothing, computers, school supplies, shoes, books, or backpacks without the burden of sales tax.

No rebates are required. The items are rung up at registers and sales tax is automatically deducted on eligible items.

Online purchases are also eligible.

The purchases aren’t limited to items only for school children or college students. Anyone who purchases eligible items for non-business use will receive the sales tax deduction.

The majority of states are holding their tax-free holidays during the first two weekends in August. Exceptions are Mississippi and Connecticut.

Some states include Friday in the weekend, while others only include Saturday and Sunday as part of tax-free holidays. Maryland’s tax-free holiday extends to an entire week.

A listing of states and their tax-free holiday dates for 2013 can be found below.

Eligible items and dollar amount limits are also noted.

For links to participating states’ tax revenue sites and more information on terms and conditions, visit:

Back to school tax free dates and details for each state are below.

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July 26-27:

Mississippi: (clothing & footwear: $100)

August 2-3:

Iowa: (clothing: $100)

Louisiana: (first $2500 for most individual items of tangible personal property for non-business use)

August 2-4:

Alabama: (books: $30; school supplies: $50; clothing: $100; computers: $750)

Florida: (school supplies: $15;clothing: $75; computers: $750)

Missouri: (school supplies: $50; clothing: $100; computers: $3500)

New Mexico: (school supplies: $30; clothing: $100; computer equipment: $500; computers: $1,000)

North Carolina: (school supplies: $100; clothing: $100; sports equipment: $50; instructional material: $300, computer equipment: $250; computers: $3500)

Oklahoma: (clothing: $100)

South Carolina: (no limits noted on clothing, footwear, school supplies, computers, computer equipment, software, bath wash clothes, blankets, bed spreads, bed linens, sheet sets, comforter sets, bath towels, shower curtains, bath rugs and mats, pillows, and pillow cases)

Tennessee: (school supplies: $100; clothing: $100; computers: $1500)

Virginia: (school supplies: $20; clothing $100)

August 3-4:

Arkansas: (clothing: $100; school supplies: no limited noted)

August 9-10:

Georgia: (clothing: $100; computers: $1,000; school supplies: $20)

August 9-11:

Texas: (school supplies, backpacks, clothing: $100)

August 10-11:

Massachusetts: (first $2500 for most individual items of tangible personal property for non-business use)

August 11-17:

Maryland: (clothing and footwear: $100)

August 18-24:

Connecticut: (clothing & footwear: $300)

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