Jenifer Ringer, a ballet dancer from New York City, isn’t looking for an apology from the newspaper critic who insinuated that she was heavy, but she does deny she is overweight.

The dancer who plays the role of the Sugar Plum Fairy in The Nutcracker gained national attention when a critic commenting on the production made the comment that she appeared to have too many sugar plums.  In speaking out about the criticism, she made it clear that she does expect her body to be judged along with her dancing. She referred to it as part of her art form and stated that it was an important part of the field she was in.

However, Ringer was adamant that she was not overweight.  She did admit that her body tended to be more womanly than you might find in a stereotypical dancer.

Ringer has battled eating disorders in the past. She has even left the dance world previously because of body image issues.

The dancer said the review made her feel bad until she realized it was one opinion of the two thousand in attendance. She said the amount of people that stood up to support her was wonderful.