A man in Mississippi mutilated his face and stomach repeatedly after getting high on powdered bath salts. Authorities say that there has been a huge increase in people smoking, snorting, and injecting these powders that apparently cause hallucinations, psychosis, racing heart, and suicidal thoughts.

Many users of the salts say that the effects are just as powerful as those of methamphetamine. Law enforcement officials are saying that bath salts are “an emerging menace” and that there have been discussions of banning the sale of the salts.

White Lightning, Bliss, Hurricane Charlie, and Ivory Wave are just some of the names that the bath salts are sold under.

Between October and December of 2010, more than 125 cases of exposure to the chemicals found in the bath salts were reported to the Louisiana poison control center, leading to an emergency statewide ban on all sale of the salts or their ingredients. Kentucky and Mississippi are soon to follow.

Some of the chemicals in the bath salts include methylenedioxypyrovarelone (MDPV) and mephedrone.

Brown told investigators that he had tried every drug, “from heroin to crack” and was physically and psychologically shaken from the hallucinations from the bath salts.

“I couldn’t tell you why I did it,” said Brown. “The psychological effects are still there.”