Fans eagerly waiting for the release of the Batman: Arkham Knight game for PS4, XBOX 1 and PC’s this year are going to have to wait a while longer.

The games developer, Rocksteady Games has announced it wants more time to perfect the game and has given a vague, 2015 release date.

Dax Ginn, who produced the game said in an interview recently that: “the game is totally awesome…but the thing about awesome is, awesome takes time”.

However it’s not all bad news for Bat-fans.  The company has released a new trailer showing off an “awesome” Batmobile that turns into a tank.  You can check out the video below. 

When the game finally hits stores it will have  a couple of interesting new features fans are sure to be excited about:

Batman will have lots of new moves and gadgets and can eject himself from the Batmobile, allowing him to  soar across the sky.  There will be a new “Battle Mode”, where players can strap their Batmobile with cannons missiles and bombs.

He will also have a new enemy- The Arkham Knight, who was created specifically for this game through a collaboration with D.C. Comics.  The Arkham Knight works with The Scarecrow, but he is independent of him and has his own army.

With all these new additions it sounds like Batman: Arkham Knight will be a great game, fans will just have to wait a little longer to see if it lives up to the hype.

Are you upset the games release has been pushed back until next year?  Share your thoughts with us below.