A time existed when media executives and bloggers alike thought that consumers would give up television altogether in favor of the internet. A recent study done by the Neilsen Company showed that television use has not declined at all.

According to the study, many TV viewers are learning to multitask. The study showed that nearly 60% of viewers are now using the internet at least once a month while watching TV, up 35% from previous years.

Because of advancements in television manufacturing, causing increased quality in the picture, and the ability for more channels to be delivered via cable or satellite, Americans now watch about 35 hours of TV each week. Add to that the increasing number of hours spent watching time-shifted TV via DVRs and the amount of television watched has actually increased, according to the study.

Although the use of online videos is up by 16% over last year, online videos are not replacing television. In fact, they are being used much like a DVR to view missed episodes or as an alternative when no television is available.

Matt O’Grady, Neilson Company’s media product leader stated that rather than taking over the media industry, the internet appears to be coming along side television to create a unique viewer experience. According to O’Grady, internet use is enhancing America’s television viewing and will not, at least for now, be taking over.