BCS National Championship tickets appear to be nearly impossible to get this morning. The teams that will play, Auburn and Oregon, based on results on the field, are to be made official tonight.

However, a search for tickets on FiestaBowl.org, the official site of the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl, who is hosting the BCS National Championship, came up empty last night, with ticket searchers getting a run around. Attempts to follow the links to the tickets looped back around to links to get tickets, but no form or ticket information could be found.

In addition to ticket links looping back on themselves, visitors would occasionally see nothing but an error message saying a ‘get’ was invalid.

This morning, on the day the team selection is to be officially announced, FiestaBowl.org appears to be completely off line. It’s unknown if this is caused by a surge of traffic, hacking, or other issues. FiestaBowl.org has not issued any information through its twitter or facebook pages about the outage at the time of this writing.

Tickets do appear to be available through third party services. And tickets will be available through the schools to donors, financial supporters and alumni, dependent on demand.