Beats By Dr. Dre  Powerbeats In-Ear headphones are on sale for $69.99 this week @ Sears, which is 50% off and much cheaper than any other store.

The sale is good online ONLY- no store pick-up is available and only for this style- all other Beats By Dr. Dre are regular price.

The Powerbeats are available in several colors, including blue, orange,black and pink and normally retail for $149.99.

Other retailers, including Walmart, Target and Best Buy are showing the Beats By Dr. Dre  Powerbeats In-Ear headphones at varying prices, but all are more than the Sears deal.

Walmart has priced them based on color, with the black retailing for $90 and the pink selling for $149.95; Target has all colors priced at $149.99 as does Best Buy.

Beats By Dre headphones are the most popular and most expensive line on the market, offering consumers a mix of high style with high quality electronics.

This price break from Sears gives consumers a chance to purchase a pair at a reasonable price.

What do you think about this Beats By Dr. Dre sale from Sears?  Tell us if you plan to purchase a pair below.