Kate finds out three days before the wedding that she is legally married.

Tonight’s season finale episode of Castle began with a bombshell. As Rick and Kate stood in line to get their marriage license, Kate found out she was married. Needless to say this was a shock to both of them.

Apparently, Kate and a guy she dated in college decided to drive to Vegas and take a taxi through a drive through wedding chapel, She thought it was only a joke, but apparently the union was made legal. This set Detective Beckett into hunt mode to track down her husband in order to get the divorce she needs to be able to marry Rick.

As Kate went to northern New York, she found herself facing a multitude of problems. First, the guy wanted her to do something for him, steal a garage door opener so he could retrieve items from his exes. Second, as she was about to bring it back to him, the guy was chased out of the house by a man wearing a ski mask and thrown into a truck.

Together the couple faced many trials throughout the episode from a ruined venue to a ruined wedding dress. Although Kate was downhearted, her writer finance made it easy to realize that no matter what happens they will get through the situation together. In the end, a mobster was arrested and all was righted.

The season closed out with most anticipated wedding of the year. Kate wore her mother’s dress. Martha supplied another family gem for Kate’s something blue.

The fairy tale was not to be though as Rick ran into a cliffhanger of a problem on his way to the chapel. Fans will have to wait until September to see if the couple will finally make it to the altar.