eco-friendly reusable beer pong cupsBeer pong lovers now have a reusable, environmentally friendly option when it comes to their favorite drinking game.

Elevate Brands has created the world’s first reusable beer pong kit with cups made from stainless steel.

King of Beer Pong cups are BPA-free and crafted to resemble traditional plastic cups used for the game.

The idea for reusable cups came about as two college friends contemplated the environmental impact of the amount of waste produced during a typical evening of beer pong.

King of Beer Pong founders Jed Travis and Jim Jones said in a statement, “In college, we were fanatics about beer pong and would play almost every week. It was insane how popular it was on campus, but we also knew it came at a cost.”

Jed continued, “One day we did a quick calculation about how many plastic cups we burned through, and realized how freaking wasteful it was. On an average night at our parties, we would easily use over 100 cups not including those used for drinking.”

Two King of Beer Pong kits are available and each comes with 16-ounce stainless steel cups, “made from a high-grade 304 Stainless Steel and tournament quality ping pong balls”, according to the company.

The six-piece King Of Beer Pong Championship Edition Kit retails for $49.99, while the 12-piece set sells for $79.99.

Currently, the kits are available through, and the company says most major retailers should begin carrying them soon.

Shoppers can receive $10 off their purchase through March 1 with a promo code offered on King Of Beer Pong’s homepage.

The company also says it frequently runs promotions for other deals and discounts through its newsletter and Facebook page at

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