Best Buy Discount – $100 Off Windows 8 Touchscreen PCs

Best Buy Discount – $100 Off Windows 8 Touchscreen PCs

According to the Wall Street Journal, Best Buy will be offering a $100 discount for Window 8 touchscreen PCs starting Sunday, February 24th. This offer will last until March 7th.

Best Buy’s discount only applies to Windows 8 laptop and desktop touchscreen computers. It does not include the Surface RT or Surface Pro tablets. It also does not include traditional PCs with the Windows 8 operating system.

The Wall Street Journal reported that Best Buy, Microsoft, and Intel will offset the cost of the discount. This discount may make shoppers more inclined to purchase touchscreen PCs, which tend to more expensive than traditional PCs.

The discount was prompted by the results of a survey conducted by Best Buy in December. According to the results of the survey, 74% of shoppers who purchased a touchscreen device reported that they liked Windows 8 “somewhat” or “very much.”

In contrast, 53% of shoppers who bought a traditional PC reported that they liked the operating system.

“Touch unlocks an entirely new way to interact with Windows that we believe represents the future of computing,” stated Janelle Poole, Windows marketing communications senior director. “We’re pleased to see how retailers such as Best Buy are promoting this at their stores, including their latest promotion that starts this weekend.”

Microsoft has stated that Windows 8 is designed to work well with both touchscreen and traditional PCs. However, some users have said that their experience on a touchscreen PC rivals that of a traditional PC.

Do you think that touchscreen technology is the future of personal computing?

Would a lower price for a touchscreen PC make you more likely to buy one?

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