Best Buy’s Big Goof: HTC Flyer NOT ON SALE For $99

There was a time when Best Buy’s sudden $99 sale on the HTC Flyer, a tablet that was $500 just a week ago, would have been treated with some suspicion. Many would think it might just be a typo.

However, given the events since the downfall of the HP TouchPad, things have changed. People that didn’t believe that the $500 HP Touchpad was really on sale for $99 missed out on a great deal, it was sold out within hours.

Of course, the same can be said for the HTC Flyer. According to Best Buy, it was a mistake. We did have some suspicions here. The normal press release we receive when Best Buy has something big going on didn’t’ come in. However, as our readers began writing in to say they had just bought the HTC Flyer for $99, the story was written. Those who hesitated missed out of the deal/mistake.

Apparently Best Buy stores, or at least some of them, believed a sale was on too. Reports are coming in of buyers getting the Flyer for $99 from a variety of Best Buy locations. But reports are also coming in of buyers being turned away. Many quite angry.

Best Buy has made it clear that the price is now $299, and that there was no ‘sale’. It will be interesting to see how well the HTC Flyer sales now, considering that some (apparently quite a few, based on reader reaction) have been sold for $99. And will Best Buy honor and provide support for those that purchased the HTC Flyer for $99? Or will there by some attempt to recover them… or not deliver ones that were ordered online?

We don’t envy Best Buy the headache they woke up to this morning.

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