Best Cardboard VR Apps For New Google Cardboard Users

Did you get Google Cardboard for Christmas?

Then it’s time to get acquainted with some good Google Cardboard Android starter apps.

The first app for new Cardboard users  is a no-brainer. The Google Cardboard app.

The Google Cardboard app is the basic demo and instruction manual for using Google Cardboard. It’s available for both Android and Apple phones. Some of the highlights in the Google Cardboard app is a sample tour of the Palace of Versailles and Google Maps in VR. This app will also help you get your phone set up for using Google Cardboard.

While the Google Cardboard app is a great place to start and is impressive for those new to VR and Google Cardboard, there are many more mind-blowing VR apps out there.

Here are our picks:

VR Roller Coaster – When I want to just hand Google Cardboard to someone for a first experience, this is the app I load up. It’s not one you’re going to play over and over, but for a quick “WOW!” and to give someone an idea of what VR is going to be like, this is the go-to app.

Titans of Space – Lots more “WOW!” factor here. This is a VR tour of our solar system. It’s like you are strapped in to an invisible spaceship (you can see yourself in the seat and the controls). There’s not only impressive graphics here, but also tons of great information.

VR Jump n Run – Now we get into the early VR Cardboard gaming experience. Think of a simplified 360˚ version of Temple Run. That’s what you’ve got here. VR Jump n Run is a game you can play with for quite a while, with different levels as you go. They suggest in the pre-game to be in an area with some room to move. That’s a good idea.

Corridoom – Another fun VR game, but this one is harder and faster. Your running down corridors and trying not to run into anything. It’s tough but fun.

NYT VR – This is from the New York Times and it’s a great start at what storytelling and news journalism may be like as VR develops on out.  Picture being in the middle of a refugee food drop, being able to look and and see the sacks of food falling through the sky. The rush to get your share. It’s like you are there.

YouTube – Load up the YouTube app on your phone and head to the 360Video channel. You can find it by searching on YouTube for “#360Video”. You’ll find a slew of 360˚ videos there. Before slipping your phone into Cardboard, pick a video, start it up and then tap on the Cardboard icon. Some of the 360˚ videos are really stunning.

AAA VR Cinema Cardboard 3D SBS – This app takes a bit of experimenting with, but after you learn your way around it, you can easily take your own pictures and ‘flat’ videos and view them as 360˚ videos. Not sure how it does this, but seeing your ‘flat’ video converted into a 360˚ video is really wild.

The Google Cardboard, YouTube, Corridoom and NYT VR apps, are also available on the iTunes app store for Apple phones.

What do you think of Google Cardboard and the above apps?

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