In this week’s episode of Better Call Saul, Jimmy works a deal with the Kettleman family after he finds out they faked their kidnapping. However, his relationships become unstable. Spoilers ahead!

Jimmy ends up taking a bribe from the Kettlemans to keep their actions quiet. This is quite a big step for him, as he ends up swallowing his pride to invest and improve his business, the complete opposite of his actions in the first episode. While he does indulge his own ego and even antagonizes Hamlin later on with a photoshopped, plagiarized billboard, he made a smart move and a first step into creating his Saul Goodman identity.

Everything ends up going according to plan, as Jimmy plans to get legally attacked by Hamlin and gather pity around him. However, he ends up rescuing a billboard worker, bolstering his image as a hero. The timing of all this is very suspect, and the fact that the worker seems to resemble one of his clients from the montage in the second episode “Mijo”, strongly impliesthis was all staged. If so, it is yet another bit of resourcefulness on Jimmy’s part.

However, not everything goes well. Nacho, despite being freed, rightfully suspects that Jimmy sold him out and threatens him. His relationship with Kim also takes a hit, and his attempt to make a friendship with Mike fails. This episode could have been a bit boring if it showed only Jimmy’s victories, so adding some of his weaker areas is a wise move. Particularly with Nacho’s threat, and Jimmy’s lie to Chuck about his recent success in life, it can all go downhill from here.

The flashback this time featured a young Jimmy scamming one of his friends. Besides showing his early criminal impulses, it also reveals the origin of the name “Saul Goodman”, meaning “s’all good, man”. It is an old joke that has been known among fans, but it is nice to see the show actually acknowledge that.

“Hero” does not have much of the adrenaline the first few episodes featured beyond Jimmy’s rescue attempt. However, it sets up plenty of conflicts and threads for future episodes. It is still early in the season, so there is still plenty of time for all the seeds planted in his chapter to bloom later on.

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