Better Call Saul: Bingo!

After an emotional character study on Mike Ehrmantraut, the show returns to Jimmy as he finishes his deal with Mike and continues to build up his new elder law business with the money from the Kettleman bribe. Spoilers ahead!

This episode has a strong focus on Kim, as Jimmy asks her to be his new law partner and she loses the Kettlemans as her major clients. Jimmy’s hopes are crushed when she rejects him, but when the Kettlemans crawl back to him for representation, he tries to do the right thing and re-directs them back to Kim with no success. Despite her position with her clients, she is both an inspiration for Jimmy’s actions and one of the more innocent characters in the show, especially if we are going by the use of color in the show.

Jimmy’s attempts to do the right thing, especially after his dubious actions earned him some success, prove to be difficult as he returns his bribe money and sacrifices his new office to force the Kettlemans to take back Kim. This action undoes his path towards breaking bad, yet it raises questions about when will that inevitable moment arrive. Jimmy’s tantrum at the end, as well as his oncoming call, shows his confident demeanor slipping for a moment, and how it does not pay to be selfless in the law business. At least one can find satisfaction through the complete humiliation of the smug Kettlemans.

Chuck also receives some small character development on his end as he tries to conquer his “condition” as he tries to build up a tolerance to electromagnetic waves. After the disastrous encounter with the law, it is admirable to see him try to take control of his life.

Mike has a brief role compared to last week’s, but it shows an important step in setting up his partnership with Jimmy and his future in Breaking Bad. Jimmy cashes in his favor to get Mike to break into the Kettleman house to find and steal their money. It is a lengthy sequence, but it shows Mike’s natural talent as a fixer, which will become important when he works for Gus Fring.

“Bingo” takes a more sympathetic approach at Jimmy’s character as he sacrifices everything he has worked for in order to help out Kim. The plotline with the Kettlemans finally ends, as we see Jimmy take on more clients and bigger challenges, particularly close to the end of the season.

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