Better Call Saul: Packing Pimento

As Jimmy and Chuck approach a large case, Chuck tries to convince a reluctant Jimmy to ask Hamlin for help. Meanwhile, Mike takes on his first job and faces some friction. Spoilers ahead.

Despite the ending of the last episode, Chuck has not overcome his condition entirely, still needing to avoid electronics and wear aluminum. Just as short-lasting is his easy-going partnership with Jimmy, as he suggests they should take the case to Hamlin. Predictably, Hamlin continues to refuse Jimmy the job and respect he deserves. While it’s easy to sympathize with Jimmy and how he is constantly underestimated and suckered by others, his self-destructing ego is also present in his conversation with Kim, where he realizes he could be using the money for more constructive means.

Mike’s outing is more successful, as he wisely handles a protection job for an amateur criminal. While it was a bit predictable to see him take down Trevor, it does provide some relieving contrast to Jimmy’s failures and disappointment. His transformation into a full-blown criminal is an interesting foil to Jimmy’s failed redemption story. Also, it was nice to see Nacho again, as well as the parking lot from one of the more iconic scenes from¬†Breaking Bad.

The most emotional part of the episode comes when Jimmy discovers that Chuck is the one who kept him from obtaining that job. Again, this is somewhat predictable, particularly from Chuck’s fake outrage at Hamlin’s “decision”, but the emotional payoff is worth it. Jimmy is not taken seriously by Chuck, and the ending scene, where Chuck barely tries to get Jimmy back to him, is a great parallel to last week’s ending, where Chuck is overtaken by the case, ignoring his “condition” for money, but not for his own brother. This is a great acting demonstration from Bob Odenkirk and Michael McKean.

“Pimento” crashes and burns the hopes raised in the previous episode, setting Jimmy up on a dangerous path that could take him back to his criminal ways. While the storyline with Chuck was long simmering in the background, the reveal is satisfying, and it sets up the possible finale well.

What was your take on this episode? What do you think Jimmy will do next?

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