After his sacrifice, Jimmy continues to help the elderly and is willing to win this time, even if it means proving to Chuck that he will cross some lines in order to do so. Spoilers ahead.

Jimmy investigates a possible scam that Sandpiper Assisted Living is playing on some of his clients, and is willing to go to great lengths to win, determined after having suffered a big loss. So far, most of this methods are played for comedy, being kicked out by bouncers and diving through a dumpster to retrieve destroyed evidence that can help his case. While his misadventures are amusing, it would be more interesting if his recklessness could end up having more dramatic consequences.

It appears that Jimmy having Chuck check on his case files in last week’s episode was more of a gesture of goodwill to have him become interested in law once again. Karma helps him in the long-term when Chuck assembles all of  Sandpiper’s shredded documents to help him with his case. Ever since Chuck was first introduced, the potential of a team-up between the law-practicing brothers has been present, and the legal showdown against Sandpiper is both fascinating and heartwarming to see.

More of Mike’s transformation into his well-known version is shown, as he begins to take care and bond with his granddaughter, Kaylee. He also begins working  for shady individuals, developing his criminal career.

The flashback this week reveals Jimmy’s beginnings in his law career. Chuck is shown on top of his game at Hamlin and Jimmy, despite having a low job position in the company, is far more optimistic and outgoing than in the present day. Hamlin has a conversation with Jimmy that sours the latter’s big day. Hopefully, we can find out more about this conversation in a latter episode.

“RICO” sets up the first season finale by giving Jimmy both the opportunity for a major victory and a renewed relationship with Chuck. Everything seems to be going great for our hero, which will make the eventual downfall all the more painful.

What did you think of this episode? Do you think Chuck will continue to remain active after “overcoming” his condition?

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