Better Deals On Toys, Electronics, Beauty For Cyber Monday/Week 2014

Determining the right time to buy during 2014’s holiday sales can be confusing now that stores no longer wait until Black Friday to begin offering good deals. With that in mind, we wanted to help readers know what to expect for Cyber Monday and Cyber Week this year.

To find out which stores will be offering the best Cyber Monday and Cyber Week deals for 2014, and how those sales will compare to Black Friday’s discounts, we asked the experts at who track data related to everything Cyber Week. co-founder Eric Jones shared his insights with us below on where and when to find the best Cyber Monday and Cyber Week deals for 2014:

News for Shoppers: The Christmas shopping scene has changed recently now that Thanksgiving is beginning to overtake Black Friday for some of the best deals. Black Friday sales began early this year with some stores starting their usual sales as early as Tuesday instead of waiting for Friday.

Can we expect the same for Cyber Monday 2014? Will those sales begin days early too instead of actually on Monday?

BestCyberWeek: Yes, expect Cyber Monday Sales to begin on Sunday with many stores calling these deals the beginning of their Cyber Week. Target and Sears are two examples of major retailers that have announced this several weeks ago.

CP: Typically, when are the bigger discounts offered, on Thanksgiving, Black Friday, or Cyber Monday?

BCW: It depends on what you’re looking to purchase, but all three days have their moments. Thanksgiving and Black Friday doorbusters are some of the best, but Cyber Monday will likely offer more online deals at these low rates that are more easily accessible.

CP: Cyber Monday used to be full of free shipping deals. Can we expect more of the same this year?

BCW: Yes, almost every store will either offer free shipping or an easily reachable minimum purchase for free shipping. I probably wouldn’t use any store without free shipping.

CP: What kinds of items or categories might be marked down more on Cyber Monday 2014 than Black Friday?

BCW: Toys will likely be marked down more on Cyber Monday as retailers will be able to access how much inventory they have left from the big Thursday/Friday Black Friday rush. They’ll want to figure out a plan to get rid of their stock before Christmas. Look to find beauty supplies from places like Sephora and apparel and shows from 6pm and Amazon.

CP: Cyber Monday typically offers good deals on electronics. Any of those expected to be better discounts than Black Friday deals?

BCW: Yes, Cyber Monday usually has some very good electronic deals. I’d expect most deals on popular items like the Xbox One or PS4 to match those on Black Friday. However, expect some better deals on a few types of electronics like cameras or a specific model HDTV. After all, retailers need to offer something better to make Cyber Monday really stand out from Black Friday.

CP: What stores/retailers will be offering the hottest Cyber Monday 2014 deals?

BCW: We’re still predicting Amazon to be the best. They seemed to be trying to match or beat Walmart for Black Friday deals, so expect the same for Cyber Monday. We also had thought Newegg before but we were rather disappointed in some of their Black Friday deals, so we wouldn’t be surprised to also see less for Cyber Monday.

CP: Will many deals be one-day only Cyber Monday sales or are Cyber Week specials going to be more popular for 2014?

BCW: Cyber Week specials are going to be more popular than ever and I think the majority of online stores will have sales for at least 2 days. As I previously said, retail giants like Sears and Target are planning a week of deals starting Sunday, but even smaller places like The Body Shop are planning deals for several days. They have a promotion from Dec. 1 to Dec 3 which they are calling their Cyber Monday deal and another promotion from Dec 4 to Dec 5 which they are calling their Cyber Week offer.

CP: Anything else our readers should know that would give them an advantage, help them score the best deals, or find useful about shopping during Cyber Monday & Cyber Week 2014?

BCW: Do your research before purchasing, check comparison sites and make sure you purchase something you really need instead of something that’s just because it’s a deal. Watch out for impulse buying on places like Amazon that offer literally everything. A bunch of small purchase or low priced items will add up quicker than you think.

Shoppers can find more information on tracking some of the best sales for Cyber Monday and Cyber Week 2014 by visiting which features ad scans, promo codes, shopping guides, tips, and some of the hottest Cyber Monday and Cyber Week deals.

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